Composer Profile: Vladimir Hirsch

Musica Kaleidoskopea

Vladimir Hirsch Vladimir Hirsch

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Vladimir Hirsch (born July 3, 1954, Czechoslovakia, today Czechia) is an avant-garde composer, instrumentalist and sound experimenter, integrating contemporary classical, industrial and dark ambient music. His compositional style is characterized by poly-modal and poly-microtonal architectonics, the usage of a wide range of modern technologies to enhance sonic means of expression.  Besides creating solo works, he is the founding member and leader of Skrol, Aghiatrias and various other projects (e.g. Zygote, Luminar Ax and Tiria). His music is marked by a dark, tense and tempestuous atmosphere. Between 1986 and 1995 he was a member of experimental post-punk group Der Marabu. The music crosses over from experimental manipulations to unambiguous strictness in composition which is marked by an evocative atmosphere enriched by conceptual themes ranging from metaphysics and spirituality to anxiety. Including…

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